Tim Decker Airshows!

For daily fees and hourly rates call: 916-300-4259, or e-mail at timdeckerairshows@gmail.com.

Support Requirements

  • Lodging – Two private, non-smoking, air conditioned rooms in close proximity to airshow site
  • Transportation – One midsize air conditioned vehicle
  • Hangar – Secure hangar space upon arrival to store Pitts S-2B aircraft
  • 100 LL AVGAS – For practice, media flights, performances, and return; 10-20 gal per flight
  • Smoke Oil – Texaco Canopus or Shell Vitrea Oil 13 or equivalent; 7 gal per flight
  • Engine Oil – One case of Aeroshell Oil W100 Plus
  • Crew Passes – Six full access crew passes
  • Tim Decker Airshows will provide a certificate of insurance with coverage to One Million Dollars upon request; please allow thirty (30) days lead time for additional insured to be added
  • Cancellation clause and fees due will be clearly written in Appearance Agreement Contract

(916) 300-4259

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